Your global partner in plastic injection moulding

Your innovation is our motivation. 

Your innovation is our motivation.  With human expertise, machining power and robotic precision, we will take on your opportunities and challenges together. We are your partner in development and production. Throughout the entire chain, all over the world. With Rompa Group, you can save time, boost your capacity and increase your quality. From injection moulding, electronics, stamping and assembly to decoration and delivery: you ask and we provide. 

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Our services to you

By your side throughout the entire process

From the drawing board to logistics, all with a single point of contact: we make matters easier for you with project management and all the expertise you need. Since we possess the requisite expertise in-house, we can bring the stakeholders involved in your innovation together at an early stage. Literally. This allows for easier and more effective communication and guarantees smooth collaboration between engineering and manufacturing. 

Nice to work with, nice to work for!


If you're happy, we're happy. That has been our approach since 1881. We make our money with injection moulding, you get the best product for a fair price. Even when market conditions change. The balance we strike in this regard and our expertise and engagement have resulted in a global network of partners. 

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Inherent in every innovation

Our company is healthy, can cover risks, safeguards supply chain management and is certified in accordance with various standards. We minimise our environmental impact while investing in our people and new technologies. By doing so, we provide quality and continuity and achieve an optimal balance between people, planet and profit. Today and tomorrow, because that is what your innovation deserves.

Here's how we do it.