Injection moulding is the basis, but our expertise goes far beyond that

Once the product has been approved and the process is ready for mass production, we can assist you in myriad ways with our wide range of production techniques.  We operate on three continents, so we are always close by. Take a look at our services and methods below.

Injection moulding

Although we love plastic and metal injection moulding equally, plastic is the material we use the most.  Think of thermoplastics such as PA, ABS, PE, PC and PS PP, as well as engineering plastics such as PSU, PPS and PEI.  We will produce your product using a variety of techniques and a clear step-by-step plan.


Stamping involves moving a metal punch through our presses. With our punches, we can produce complex designs and highly detailed patterns with great precision. Read more to take a look at our techniques. For every project we begin with a design and prototyping.


Are you looking to add important product information to your product or give it a unique appearance?  Rompa Group offers a variety of decoration techniques. Together with our partners, we can provide an even wider range of techniques. Think of e.g. coating, chrome plating and silkscreen printing. 

EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services)

The smart devices all around us make our lives easier. Our goal for you is to simplify the production chain for these devices. We design, produce, test and assembly the circuit boards for your electronic products in house.


After injection moulding your product, it is ready to be assembled. We can add a variety of plastic components, circuit boards, sensors or other components. We can assemble your product into a semi-finished or final product, take over your entire supply chain and handle transport. On a global scale. 

Supply chain solutions

In this phase, we deliver on the promises we made during our earlier discussions. We are chain thinkers, we understand your needs and can meet them with smart solutions. You tell us what you want, so we can tell you what we can do for you. Together, we will come up with flexible and efficient solutions.