Plastic parts or entire products, you are looking for an injection moulding company that thinks with you and takes you to the next level. 

Rompa takes you to the next level

Rompa has extensive knowledge and many years of experience that we are happy to deploy for your high-quality plastic products with their specific applications, with or without electronics. Delivery reliability is a given. Assembly and transport? We will take care of it for you and do everything it takes to completely unburden you.

Consumer products

You have an idea for a new consumer product and have elaborated the design as much as possible. Only the translation to production has yet to be made. Rompa Group gives feedback and optimises the design. To then organise our production process for your unique product.


Knowledge, experience and the competence to work with extreme accuracy are preconditions for manufacturing plastic automotive parts. Rompa Group is well-equipped to translate complex product requirements to high-end, reproducible solutions. That is why many international clients work with us.

Quote employee

The workplace atmosphere at Rompa is great, the job isn't too stressful and you are given various opportunities for self-development. Although the client comes first, employees are well cared for at Rompa.

Industrial applications

Industrial applications include essential parts, semi-finished products or end products. Our highly accurate working method is based on expertise and extensive knowledge of industrial technologies. Your high-quality (end) product is guaranteed as a result.


It goes without saying that you will choose your partners very carefully when it comes to manufacturing medical products. In our modern clean room, medical products are manufactured fully automated and dust-free with high-precision injection moulding as a foundation.