About us

The Rompa family has grown considerably in the past years, to a total of 800 employees. This demands clarity about our core values. Only then can the Rompa feeling be preserved and our quality assured. As a family, you do not give up on each other. We are there for one another. one team, one family, that is our foundation.

One team, one family

Core values

Passion in all we do

Together we are one

Improving continuously

Customer focus


Rompa Group: nice to work with, nice to work for.

Everyday conduct

Our Code of conduct is the starting point for the everyday conduct at our organisation. It covers subjects such as human rights, safety, equal treatment, confidentiality, integrity and the environment. Let it be clear that child and forced labour go against all of Rompa Group's ethical principles.


Sustainable production is not just about using the right (raw) materials and production processes to minimise the environmental impact. It is also about people and finance. Rompa’s employees are an important asset. We want them to feel at home and offer them opportunities to optimise their own development. A financially unhealthy company lacks harmony and other elements will suffer. Rompa is all about striking the right balance between people, planet and profit.


Quality management, safe working conditions and environmental protection are aspects of our general policy. Certification is a way for us to assure our policy.


A tannery in a small village in the south of the Netherlands grows into an international expert in plastics injection moulding. Custom-made, with or without built-in electronics, packaging and transport. The history goes back to 1881.