We do remarkable work. The world economy relies on our industry. At the same time, our industry leaves an ecological footprint. There's a world to gain in terms of sustainability. We're honest and ambitious about it. Because we see opportunities for both your innovation and sustainability. We aim to alleviate the environment's burden and engage in socially responsible business practices. What steps are we taking? You can read about it here.

A sustainable future

Rompa Group is taking steps toward a sustainable future. Small steps, like conscious water and fuel usage and waste separation. Bigger steps, like using return packaging and our DFE approach, which considers the environment during the design process. And we aim to take even bigger steps in the future. EcoVadis has rated us with bronze, but we aspire for platinum. Currently, we are researching our environmental impact, what we can do about it, and what stakeholders expect from us. This leads to the development of science-based targets (SBTI goals), which guide us toward the future. This program will be completed by 2025.

A great employer and a reliable partner

Sustainable production is not just about the right raw materials, materials, and production processes. It's also about people and finances. We strive for the right balance between people, planet, and profit. We invest in the growth and development of our people and foster a culture of mutual respect and collaboration. Our core values are: customer focus, unity, continuous improvement, and ownership. This is how our people work with dedication, and this is how you can rely on us as a partner.