The foundation for your innovation

From idea to product? It all starts with engineering. Together, we will design your product, develop the mould and establish an optimal production process. In doing so, we lay a solid foundation. We take matters out of your hands with our project management, the expertise you need and smart solutions at every stage of the production process. Take a look at our services and methods below.

Project management

From the drawing board to logistics, all with a single point of contact: we make matters easier for you at every stage of the chain. Since we possess the requisite knowledge in-house, we can bring the stakeholders involved in your innovation together at an early stage. Literally. This allows for easier and more effective communication and guarantees smooth collaboration between engineering and manufacturing.

Product development

Your design brief forms the basis for the product design. We will work on that together. Once the design and appearance have been chosen, we will design the mechanical and electronic aspects based on your specifications.  We will first develop a prototype to make sure the design is right. From there, we will move up to mass production.

Mould transfer

Are you looking to relocate your production mould while safeguarding a smooth production process in accordance with your planning and quality demands?  We can arrange this for you, all while keeping your supply chain intact. We will draw up clear agreements together, so you will know exactly how the transfer is proceeding. All the while, the continuity of your supply chain will be preserved.

Mould engineering

A good product requires a good mould. We have an extensive network and an in-house tool shop, which is unique on the market. This gives us complete control over the mould engineering process. Additionally, we can advise you on the use of a single- or multi-cavity mould. With efficient, stable quality and the right lifespan for your product. Everything we do is based on your demands and wishes.


If your product consists of multiple components, you have to deal with various process steps that result in higher costs and a lengthier production process.  However, there is a better way. Our automation solutions lead to a more effective and more affordable production process with a higher level of quality. With our global network of in-house automation engineers, there is always someone available near you.

Process engineering

Do you have plans for large-scale production? We combine expertise with technology and will develop accurate, reproducible results for you in a short cycle. We look beyond the injection-moulding process alone and can also take matters out of your hands with regard to decoration, assembly, packaging and transport.