Mould engineering

A good injection-moulded product begins with a good mould. With mould engineering, we advise you on the right type of mould for your innovation. With our extensive network and our in-house tool shop, we can take care of your mould and tool production. This allows us to produce your product quickly and efficiently. 

Smart design

We can create a smart design for your product using the principle of DFM (Design for Manufacturing). Our experts ensure your product design is compatible with our injection-moulding process. We will also strive to extend the lifespan of the mould as much as possible. This leads to fewer production errors, less waste and a faster production process. If a product cannot be produced, we will offer an alternative solution.

A single- or a multi-cavity mould?

The choice between a single- and a multi-cavity mould depends on your production requirements, production volume and costs.
 A multi-cavity mould is more expensive. However, if you can produce multiple products during a single production cycle, a multi-cavity mould may actually be cheaper in the end.  You tell us what you want, so we can advise you on the optimal solution. In doing so, we will also factor in costs and the environment. When you make the right choice, you will reap the rewards for years to come. 

Better for your wallet, better for the environment. Get the best of both worlds with mould engineering by Rompa Group”