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Consumer plastic parts

“The collaboration with Britax Römer has greatly intensified in a short period of time, partly due to the custom solutions that Rompa Group offers.”

Customer Britax Römer
Product Bicycle and car seats
Techniques & services Injection moulding, subassembly and decoration
Process The development of bicycle and car seats for children is done in accordance with the new European i-Size (R129) ECE standard, which follows the R44 standard. These standards are currently being implemented and phased out, respectively. Rompa Group supports the manufacturability, mould development and mass production of the products. In addition to compliance with strict safety requirements, Britax Römer has set high visual and functional requirements for its top-of-the-line transportation solutions. Due to the size of some components, Rompa Group has come up with a unique solution: wall-to-wall production of the large components and production of the smaller components at the existing site in the Czech Republic. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.
Material PP + PA
QA Method Strict process control together with 100% visual and functional inspection
Production run >100,000
Production site Rompa CZ and Rompa DE (2019)
Delivery Leipheim, Germany

Did you know that... of the parts we produce is about 2.5kg?