Product development

During this phase, we will gradually move up toward mass production. We will develop your product together, based on your needs, market research and the technical possibilities. Once the design meets your wishes, technical requirements and quality standards, we will move on to prototyping, testing and production preparation.  Read more about how we do that below.


We will develop a prototype of your product. This lets us know if what we want will actually work. We call this a proof of principle. Creating a plastic prototype involves getting the design ready for production, assembling the various components, testing, evaluating, refining and repeating. We will repeat this process until the design is ready for the next step toward mass production.

Testing and validation

Is your product ready for production immediately after the prototyping phase? No, we believe in diligence above all. Although we know we are on the right path, we will first extensively test and validate the product. We will conduct physical tests on the mechanical components and electronic tests on the electronic components. If everything works as intended, we will begin our production preparation.

Production preparation

Once the design has been validated and approved, we will begin preparing the production process. We will purchase materials and production assets, set up the production lines and train staff. Everything necessary to produce your product safely, properly and on schedule is now ready for the next step: mould engineering. 

Better for you and the environment

Throughout the product development phase, we employ various principles: DFA (Design for Assembly), DFD (Design for Durability) and DFE (Design for Environment). These principles allow us to produce your product in a cost-efficient manner, they simplify assembly and lead to various environmental benefits. We possess the in-house expertise to utilise these principles effectively. This allows us to literally bring the experts together during the development process, allowing for easier and more effective communication. Meanwhile, you can save both time and money.