With our assembly services, we can combine different components into a single product.  

We can add a variety of plastic components, circuit boards, sensors or other components to your product. We can assemble your product into a semi-finished or final product, take over your entire supply chain and handle transport. On a global scale. 

From the drawing board to delivery

You tell us what you want and we will take matters out of your hands. You can enjoy the convenience of having a single point of contact, unless you prefer to do things differently. If you want, we can take over your entire supply chain. From purchasing and assembling various metal or electronic components to packaging the final product in its retail packaging. In many cases, we will begin with a manual or semi-automatic process. This allows us to scale up the process gradually and make sure everything proceeds smoothly. Later on, we can rapidly scale up further.

We can also handle the transport of your products. We offer guaranteed quality and efficiency from the drawing board to final delivery.