Injection moulding

We guarantee an efficient production process out of our production sites in Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and China. We offer fast and flexible production and logistics. You tell us what you need and we will go the extra mile for you at every stage. Take a look at our approach and injection-moulding techniques below. 

Our injection-moulding techniques for you

Rompa Group uses injection-moulding machines with a clamping force of 15-1,300 tonnes and a maximum shot weight up to 4,000 g. If you need more, we can expand our capacity as necessary.  We work with thermoplastic materials, standard plastics, engineering plastics and even metal. The eight techniques below offer you a world of possibilities.

Compact injection moulding

The core of our expertise. We heat up high-grade plastics and inject them into a mould, where they then cool down and harden. The result? Your product, your innovation. Whether your production run consists of thousands or even millions of products, our goal is always to exceed your expectations. 

In-mould labelling

We use in-mould labelling to achieve wear-resistant printing. This technique gives your products a unique appearance. Sustainable labels are integrated directly into the product itself. These labels can contain product information or serve to strengthen your brand identity.

Insert moulding

This advanced injection-moulding technique is used to integrate metal components into your plastic product. For example, this lets us create connectors or give your product additional functionalities. 

Overmoulding and Multi-k injection moulding

If your product contains different colours or materials, the overmoulding or multi-k injection-moulding technique is perfect.  This lets us combine multiple colours and materials in a single mould. With this technique, your products can obtain unique functionalities. It also allows for creative designs that ensure your products stand out. 

Cleanroom production

We guarantee a dust-free production environment for projects for the medical or pharmaceutical sectors. We have ISO 7-certified cleanrooms on several continents. 

Gas injection

Injecting gas into plastic produces lighter and stronger components that require less material. For you, this means cost reductions and a production process with a smaller environmental impact.

Low-pressure injection moulding

Electronic components that require extra care can be integrated into plastic. We use low temperatures and carefully controlled pressure levels to keep your products in perfect condition.

Metal injection moulding

With this technique, we can produce complex metal components with unprecedented precision. We combine fine metal powder with binding agents to produce 100% metal products. The result? High-grade metal components for your applications.