EMS (Electronic manufacturing services)

With our electronic manufacturing services (EMS), we produce your electronic circuit boards with high precision and in large numbers. Some of the projects we have worked on in the past include charging stations for electric shavers, smoke alarms and various IoT products. What can we do for you? You can read more about our methods below.

Step 1: concept and design

This step forms part of the engineering phase. Our experts will come up with a design that suits your wishes. Since we possess the requisite expertise in-house, we can bring the stakeholders involved in your innovation together at an early stage. Literally. We will devise a plan to add electronics to your new or existing product.

Step 2: from paper to reality

Now that we have a design, it is time to create a prototype. Think of this as drawing a rough sketch before starting on a full painting. We will produce a prototype of the electronic product to see what it looks like in real life and how it functions.

Step 3: testing and refinement

With a prototype in hand, it is time to start testing your product. We will thoroughly test the electronics to make sure everything is reliable and safe. We will implement any potential improvements we identify.  This is guaranteed with quality documents. Once your product meets every quality standard, we will begin production.

Step 4: production

Once the design has been perfected and carefully tested, your product's production phase will begin. This is where our expertise in the field of EMS can truly shine. We will make sure every electronic component is assembled safely and with the utmost precision.

Step 5: assembly and delivery

Your products are ready for market. We will deliver them to you. We take care of assembly and transport, so your products are delivered to you safely and complete. As we operate on a global scale, we are always close by.