Our goal is to exceed your expectations. For example, with our high-grade decoration techniques. These are ideal to add product information or your corporate style to your product. Take a look at our techniques and methods below. 

In-house decoration techniques

In-Mould Labelling (IML)
With IML, we can integrate detailed images and labels directly into your product's surface during the injection-moulding process. 

Pad printing
With this technique, we can add fine details to your product, allowing for complex illustrations, text or logos. 

Laser engraving
Laser engraving lets us engrave illustrations, text or (bar) codes directly into your product. This allows for unique and personalised product decoration. 

Extra services with partners

We paint or coat your product using a thin layer of paint. This lets us add a variety of visual effects, including gloss, matte, colour or a special ‘soft-touch’ texture.  

Chrome plating
Chrome plating involves adding a thin layer of chrome to your product. With this technique, we can achieve a glossy or matte metal finish. 

Silkscreen printing
This method is used to add text or images to your product by pressing ink through a fine screen.  Silkscreen printing produces a highly detailed end result.