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We offer technical support and advice

We at Rompa Group offer technical support and advice, this means we can advise our clients in material usage and engineering solutions. Rompa Group has been producing for 140 years to this date and we never stop innovating our technologies and ideas. We also invested in machinery ready for the future and we continue to improve the tools we use. This all results in a product delivery where everybody is happy: producer, client and consumer. That's always the most important aspect. Would you like to know what our technical support looks like and in which cases we give our clients technical advice? Make sure to read it now!

The different types of technical support

New product development support The development of a new product can be overwhelming, where do you start? The idea might contain many different parts, materials or technical processes to produce the design. In these cases it can be difficult to make the right choice. Our technical and sales team have been working around the globe for many different projects, this means that we have gained a lot of experience in the field. Besides the in-house knowledge, Rompa Group also has an efficient infrastructure to make the process of developing a new product as smooth as possible. Equipment design Some of the projects we do require specialised equipment or tools. Specialised tools can be made in our in-house tool shop where we benefit from the best technical support. Would you like to know more about our tool shop? Make sure to read it here. Material recommendations With so many different options, it might be hard to choose the right material for the right product. Choosing the right type of plastic can be challenging. There are many different elements to consider when selecting the material for a particular part or product. Elements such as resistance, stiffness or the smoothness of the surface are some examples. Together we will agree on the best material suitable for any specific product and we will provide support in the choice of the material.

Our technologies

Rompa Group is active in many industries. You will find us in the automotive market, consumer goods, industrial applications, medical industry and in packaging materials. It doesn’t matter what industry our clients are in, we always keep the finished goods in mind and along the way you can expect technical support and advice. Rompa Group has many different manufacturing technologies.

These are technologies we work with:

  • Injection moulding
  • Metal injection moulding (MIM)
  • Stamping
  • Thermoforming
  • Electronic manufacturing (PCBA)
  • Decorating
  • Assembly (ESD)
  • Packaging
If you are interested in learning more about each technology, make sure to read it here!

Process support

Besides technical support with regards to material use, technology choice or design advice we also support our clients during the manufacturing process. During the manufacturing run we have the ability to improve the process. Think about runtime and efficiency. But in some cases we can also optimize the design of the product or part. Process improvement is essential for any run. Along the way we can achieve a more efficient manufacturing run. The most important way to optimize run conditions is regarding the improvement of the machinery uptime. In other words, as little downtime in between processes as possible. We analyze our downtime and the causes for the downtime and from there on we try to improve our maintenance. Quality control The quality check after a run is essential for future production. This delivers a clear view of the end product and where improvement is necessary. Besides the ISO 9001 quality certificate, Rompa Group also applies the following quality methodologies:
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning & Control Plan (APQP). This process is for assuring quality through strict planning. It focuses on determining if customers are satisfied by evaluating output and supporting continual improvement.
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) promotes a clearer understanding of the requirements of manufacturers and suppliers. This helps ensure that the processes used can consistently reproduce the parts.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) employs statistical methods to monitor and control a process, so that it operates efficiently and produces more products conforming to specification with less waste.
  • Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) is the worst tolerable process average that is still considered an acceptable quality level.

Advice in sustainability

Rompa Group has been keen to produce as sustainable as possible and we are happy to offer our clients green solutions for their productions. We help and advise our clients in reducing their carbon footprint and we keep innovating the processes along the way. Producing sustainably is no longer just an option, it's essential. Consumers are shifting their interests and seeking sustainable options. Rompa Group advises our clients during the process how to make the process as efficient as possible, reducing waste, with less energy usage and non toxic material use. One way to reassure this quality of sustainability is our certificate ISO 9001 as mentioned above. As a plastics manufacturing company we advise our clients in ways to improve the manufacturing runs in a sustainable way.

You can count on our technical support and advice

If you require technical support and advice, contact us and we will investigate your query and advise in the best way possible. Our engineers are always up for a challenge and happy to assist you in the process. Rompa Group has many years of experience, many different manufacturing sites around the globe, multiple manufacturing processes and a wide choice of materials to use. This all together gives us the possibility to offer a solution for all ideas from A to Z.