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The finished product: from design, production and assembly to delivery!

The definition of a finished product is that it’s ready to ship to the customer or user. We sometimes also refer to it as finished goods. Does it end with the finished product? For us it means that the product is done and we did our part of the manufacturing process. Now it's up to the shipment or storage solutions. This can also be executed by Rompa Group, giving our clients a solution from A to Z; from design to delivery. A finished product gives us a lot of insight and information about the product. We analyze this and improve the product or process if necessary. A proper finished product starts at the design stage: the first stage of a manufacturing process. Having taken many considerations into account in the design process, when the design is done well we can already be sure that the final product will be good. Some of these considerations are: sustainability, assembly and disassembly, material use and many other factors! Rompa Group produces finished products in many industries. You will find our products in the automotive industry such as our large injection molded car seat. But also in the medical field, industrial applications and in the electronic market. Because Rompa Group also offers assembly solutions we can not only produce the different components but also assemble these into the final product. This makes the production process efficient and sustainable since we do not have to ship the many different pieces all around the world but manufacture and assemble close to our customers!

Semi finished products

Also referred to as half-finished products, semi finished products are products or parts from the final product. It's a part or component that still needs to be assembled. Intermediate products eventually become a part of the final product.

Quality control

At Rompa Group we use several different quality control strategies so we can guarantee that our final goods are as expected and planned. Throughout the process quality control checks are being carried out making sure that we follow every step along the way. When we reach the end of the line we can check the final product and see if improvements have to be carried out. A quality check is essential after each run, we use different methodologies for this such as:
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning & Control Plan (APQP). This process is to assure quality through strict planning. It focuses on determining if customers are satisfied by evaluating output and supporting continual improvement.
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) promotes a clearer understanding of the requirements of manufacturers and suppliers. This helps ensure that the processes used can consistently reproduce the parts.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) employs statistical methods to monitor and control a process, so that it operates efficiently and produces more products conforming to specification with less waste.
  • Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) is the worst tolerable process average that is still considered an acceptable quality level.

Delivery and storage

Finished products are ready to be shipped to their destination. Whether this is to a warehouse or directly to a client, Rompa Group is your partner in delivery. This can be at any location around the world! We arrange the shipment for you and make sure this is done within the time limits. We also offer a tailor-made distribution solution where we have implemented systems such as vendor managed inventory, read more about this system here!

Contact Rompa Group

Are you in need of an assembly specialist or producer of a fully finished product? Make sure to give us a ring and contact us! Our specialists are happy to help and advise you. Rompa Group has many years of experience in many different technologies in plastic manufacturing. Think about the advanced injection molding techniques, thermoforming, stamping and many more. While Rompa Group might be known for its high quality plastic manufacturing, we are also keen on providing our customers the full package such as design, assembly and delivery solutions. We are located around the globe and there is always a Rompa Group site near you!