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Rompa Sales Team is eager to meet you

Now that restrictions are taking off, Rompa Sales team is ready to meet customers again. After two years of commercial meetings done via video conferences and a lack of contact with customers, it is time to meet again. Since a few months now, Covid measures are stepping back and our sales team takes this opportunity to establish new contacts and to plan face to face meetings with our existing customers.

Connecting with our customers

Commercial meetings while the covid crisis was at its maximum were only happening via video conference. Business that way is possible but far from optimal. The need to (re)connect with customers is vital to establish truthful relationships. And these relationships we want to create with our customers. Customer focus, is one of our key values. Our sales teams are pleased to go and meet our (potential) customers across the world.

Visiting our plants

At Rompa Group, we have production plants around the world. Where we manufacture a product is depending on the customer’s location and the features of the product. For example in Mexico we are specialized in automotive products, while China is mainly for products with inbuilt electronic components and complex assemblies.

Visiting our customers

In the last months, members of our sales department made a “Rompa-Tour” to visit our factories, especially in Europe and Mexico. Our team focusing on consumer goods went to Germany a few weeks ago and are currently visiting our two plants in Czech Republic. The objective is to meet customers again and to see about how we can bring our valued partnerships to a higher level. The Industrial sales team met (potential) customers in Italy, Czech republic and the Netherlands. These meetings varied in reestablishing our existing relations but as well opening new doors for Rompa. The Rompa automotive team went to visit the Mexico plant.They have reached out to our existing customers to align on open topics, look at new opportunities and exchange general information. They also met with a team of the Dutch ambassy to discuss opportunities and the last developments. All in all, these trips were very successful with many new ideas and opportunities. We want to thank all our customers and the Dutch Embassy team for welcoming us.

Contact Rompa

Are you in need of an injection molding specialist or contract manufacturer? Feel free to give us a ring and contact us! Whether you are in the Netherlands or abroad, our Sales Teams will be more than happy to meet you and discuss potential projects.