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Rompa Group: Your expert in the production of automotive components!

Being a manufacturer in the automotive industry comes with great responsibilities. Safety is a big concern in the vehicles we use. We see constant development with new techniques and innovative ideas to improve safety by constantly updating the many parts that a vehicle contains. While safety is the main priority, sustainability also became a big factor in the production of these parts. To combine these factors you need expertise, precision and experience in the field and we at Rompa Group have these three elements. For many years, we have been able to produce internationally for various automotive brands with our in-house technologies and expertise in the field.

Why Rompa Group as an automotive component manufacturer?

IATF 16949 certification and VDA 6.3 quality standards We are certified! But what does that mean? And why do our clients benefit from this certification? IATF stands for the International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems and 16949 refers to a document - which has been set up by this group - that is submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Rompa Group also adopted the VDA 6.3 work process. VDA 6.3 stands for Verband der Automobilindustrie and is a must to comply with the automotive industry requirements. The VDA 6.3 process audit standard is an evaluation based on the high standards of the German car industry and it improves our manufacturing organization. Did you know that you can download all our certificates here?

Experts in injection molding

Rompa Group is known for their expertise in the field of injection molding. A vehicle can consist of 30.000 parts! All these parts put together form a safe vehicle. Many of these parts are made thanks to the different injection molding techniques. Rompa Group has been developing these techniques for many years and new technologies continue to emerge. With new technologies come new possibilities to produce parts that are suitable for the automotive sector. New vehicle designs have an increasing number of parts that are made thanks to these techniques and Rompa Group is looking forward to keeping up with this demand. One of the biggest benefits of injection molded parts is less weight. Less weight to carry increases fuel efficiency! But not only this, the possibilities with injection molding are far greater, like being able to produce fine details that improve a particular part. But how can we assure that the parts made with these techniques are the right ones, since there are so many different composites and materials to use? The answer is: testing! We can test and qualify everything in high detail and make sure we continually improve these parts. At the moment our average product failure percentage is below 25 PPM (Parts Per Million)! This means that we have less than 25 defective parts for every 1.000.000 parts produced!

Manufacturing around the corner

Rompa Group is located on three continents, this means that we can produce local for local. We use our global footprint to reduce our ecological footprint but also that of our clients. How do we achieve this? Less transportation time means less emissions. Having your manufacturer nearby also means easy and good communication. Short delivery times allow us to manage an inventory very efficiently.

What's next? Electric cars!

We currently see various trends in the automotive sector. Producing light weight has already been a trend for years and will always continue to be a trend. What other ideas are on the market to innovate the vehicles and their parts as we know them today? One of the biggest trends is the focus on electric powered cars and the housings or enclosures to protect the electric motors. Rompa Group is one of the leading manufacturers when we talk about the production of parts for electric motors. For example, we produce bobbins and end laminations. Besides making these parts we became experts in the production of housings and printed circuit boards such as camera housings, ECU, OBC and housing covers. We continue to develop our focus on manufacturing electric vehicles and look forward to what the future has to offer!
What do you think will be the biggest trend in the automotive industry regarding plastic components in 2022?

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