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Rompa Group goes from A to Z thanks to a well organised logistic system

It was a logical step for Rompa Group to offer services in logistics. Since Rompa Group is present in many countries around the globe we certainly know our logistic contact points and communications. But also, having knowledge of a client’s inventory makes production a lot easier. So to make our lives and those of our clients easier, more efficient and clear, we offer the full package when we talk about logistics. And by that we mean all logistics; from delivery of the raw material to delivery of the finished goods and from warehouse management to package trackers. In this week's article we discuss all logistics services and technologies Rompa Group have implemented.

Global appearance

The first thing to point out is the global presence of Rompa Group. Thanks to this global footprint we are always near our customers, whether this is in Mexico or in China. Below we list all of our locations. Is there a location near you?
  • Rompa NL located in Boxtel and Keldonk, The Netherlands
  • Rompa CN, located in Jiangmen City, China
  • Rompa CZ located in Vyskov and Kladno in The Czech Republic
  • Rompa DE located in Leipheim, Germany
  • Rompa MX in Querétaro, Mexico
Having facilities that offer all services saves a lot in transport costs and is a lot more sustainable. The distance from our manufacturing facility to the delivery address is short and this means less Co2 is emitted thanks to nearby production. Producing on demand also becomes a lot more feasible; since we are closeby we can increase or decrease production depending on the market of our customer. Also, communication is done easily as we speak your language. Would you like to use our global footprint to reduce your ecological footprint? Or would you like to get in contact with one of our facilities? Make sure to contact us!


VMI stands for Vendor Managed Inventory, this is a tailor-made inventory system used worldwide. It's a system very well known in our market and Rompa Group is proud to offer this process service to our clients. The VMI system means that as a client you authorize a supplier to manage your inventories. This could be at your own location or at a specific other location. VMI means no guess work, all decisions of supply and demand are based on hard data and analyses. We go into much more detail about VMI in our recent article, read it here!


Another way we improved our logistic service is the implementation of trackers all connected through IoT. IoT stands for Internet of Things and is well known for connecting all physical devices to the internet which enables them to ‘talk’ to each other. This eliminates the human-to-human communication, where information gets lost sometimes. This is no different for trackers that are placed or parcels. When trackers are activated they communicate updates throughout the delivery process, making sure that both client and supplier are very well aware of the location of the parcel. Besides tracking our parcels, we also implemented these trackers in preservation of wildlife. Did you know that Smart Parks uses trackers on various endangered animals around the world? Learn more about it here!

Warehouse management and delivery time!

Having a finished good sitting on a warehouse shelf is in most cases inevitable. But what do we aim for when we talk about having a product on a shelf? We always base our decisions on data and for warehouse management we do the same. We track our performance and always search for optimization. It’s exciting when a product is finished and ready to ship to the client! We don’t want to delay this exciting period so we make sure our clients receive their product sooner rather than later. How do we do this? This already starts in the design process and it goes through all the steps of our production process. At the beginning we already take delivery into account, making the package smart and easy to ship.

Manufacturer and distributor in one

Would you like to know if our logistic system is something that could work for you? Are you looking for a manufacturer with worldwide presence that also functions as a distributor? Then Rompa Group might be your answer. Make sure to give us a call if you want to learn more about this topic.