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Rompa CZ takes sustainable step with automatic delivery notes

Starting from the beginning of March, all delivery notes from our plant in the Czech Republic, Rompa CZ, will be sent automatically. This step, becoming increasingly common in the industry, is crucial for our commitment to sustainability by saving paper. This initiative, arising from the necessity to operate more sustainably, also offers the benefit of time-saving, as neither our team nor our customers will need to manually process these documents.

The process: seamless integration and sustainability

The process within Rompa CZ is focused on efficiency: products are produced, packaged, and gathered for shipping. Immediately after preparing a shipment, the delivery note is sent, regardless of who is responsible for the transport. This procedure ensures a streamlined operation without delays. With the transition to automatic delivery notes, this process is further simplified, leading to time savings for both our team and our customers.

Preparation and communication: ensuring a smooth transition

In the lead-up to this change, we have carefully communicated with our customers. Efforts have been made to identify the most suitable individuals within each organization to receive these digital delivery notes. This approach ensures that everyone is ready for the switch to a paperless system.

A sustainable step forward

The implementation of automatic delivery notes is a significant step for Rompa CZ in its quest to become a paperless plant. This ensures that we reduce our ecological footprint and highlight our commitment to the environment. We improve the efficiency of our operations while protecting the earth.

Conclusion: Rompa CZ's commitment to sustainability

Although the adoption of automatic delivery notes may not be an innovation, it clearly demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. This initiative shows that it is possible to be environmentally conscious in our daily operations. Rompa CZ is determined to continue these and other sustainable practices as part of our commitment to a better future.

Join our commitment to sustainability

We invite our partners and customers to support this important step towards more environmentally friendly business operations. By working together on this, we can make an impact, not just in reducing our own footprint, but also as a model for the industry. Rompa CZ is proud of this development and looks forward to the positive impact it will have. Together, we can make a difference for our world, now and in the future.