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Injection moulding large plastic components at our production site in Leipheim

In 2019, Rompa Group opened its first production site in Germany. This factory, which measures 4,500 m2 and was constructed right next to our customer Britax Römer in Leipheim, is mainly used for the production of larger plastic components. It houses various state-of-the-art injection-moulding machines with a clamping force ranging from 500 to 1,300 tonnes. With the establishment of Rompa DE in Germany, we managed to realise a highly competitive and efficient supply chain together with Britax.  

Tailor-made solution

Our new production site in Germany has allowed us to offer our customer Britax a unique service. Whereas Britax Römer's plastic products used to be manufactured in Vyskov (Czech Republic), among other places, we can now produce the large components right next door in a cost-effective manner. This has enabled us to significantly reduce the transport costs of the entire supply chain. Meanwhile, we continue to use our site in Vyskov (Czech Republic) for the production of the smaller components, which may involve additional process steps. All in all, this is a hybrid, efficient and sustainable form of collaboration that allows us to make optimal use of our global footprint. 


Rompa Group strives to develop long-term partnerships with its customers. We focus on offering our customers peace of mind by providing tailor-made solutions, excellent service and personal attention. Our collaboration with Britax Römer is a perfect example of this.  


We offer a full range of services 

In our efforts to offer customers the highest possible quality of service, we continue to look for the latest developments and opportunities on the market. For example, we offer various modern logistical solutions, produce 24/5 and are constantly exploring new ways to further automate our processes.  


Rompa DE has been certified in accordance with the IATF 16949 standard, which describes all our processes and procedures that meet the standards of the automotive sector. Quality, reproducibility and continuity are core tenets of our business operations.  


Rompa Group is happy to help!

Having production sites on three continents allows us to manufacture products on a local-for-local basis. This results in increased efficiency, more flexibility and lower transport costs. Our quality-assurance policy ensures you get the same excellent service and quality everywhere.  

Would you like to turn your idea into a tangible product? We can take care of everything for you. We are your one-stop shop for product design, prototyping, serial production, electronics, decoration, assembly and logistics. Rompa can bring your ideas to life from start to finish. 


We are always looking for new partners with whom we can collaborate. Would you like to know more about the partnership between Britax Römer and Rompa Group or are you looking for a production partner in Germany (Bavaria) who truly knows his stuff and can offer you myriad opportunities? Contact us!