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Family day

Boxtel, Netherlands - On a radiant summer day, with temperatures reaching 29 degrees, we at Rompa Group organized an unforgettable family day. As a specialized company in injection moulding and plastic production, we proudly opened our doors to give our employees the opportunity to showcase their workplace to their loved ones and acquaintances. And what a wonderful day it turned out to be!

Everyone spared no effort to make the family day a resounding success. Upon arrival, visitors were welcomed into a festive environment. Everywhere you looked, there was something to experience. We organized numerous activities specifically for children. They could have their faces painted, create beautiful drawings, participate in an exciting scavenger hunt throughout the entire company, and to top it off, they could grab prizes from the grab bag. The enthusiasm among our young visitors was contagious, and their radiant smiles spoke volumes.


The building was adorned with informative signs from each department, showcasing how they spend their days. Some departments even placed additional elements, such as samples of products they have made. This provided the visitors with a clear insight into the various facets of the production process. Additionally, we showcased various videos to visually illustrate specific processes and techniques. In this interactive manner, we shared our knowledge and expertise with our enthusiastic visitors.


One of the highlights of the day was undoubtedly the turnout. The family day saw a large attendance of employees, their family members, and retirees. People of all ages were present, enjoying the hospitality and conviviality that our company has to offer. The retirees also considered it a great success, as they had the opportunity to catch up with former colleagues and with each other. They were impressed by the changes that we as a company have undergone and felt proud and connected to the organization they were once a part of. As everyone explored the different departments, they could indulge in delicious snacks and refreshing beverages. The offering of cooling ice creams was particularly appreciated on this warm day.


With a sense of pride, we at Rompa Group look back on this successful family day. We not only showcased what we are engaged in daily but also had the chance to share the commitment and pride of our employees with their loved ones. The family day was an excellent opportunity to strengthen bonds and create a positive atmosphere within our company.


With eager anticipation, we at Rompa Group look forward to the next event. We are determined to continue the overwhelming success of the family day in a new and innovative way. While the plans are yet to be finalized, one thing is certain: such a triumph must not be lost. Thank you all for this tremendous success!