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A New Beginning: Supporting Refugees at Our Facility in Mexico

At Rompa Group, we believe that business success and social responsibility go hand in hand. Our facility in Mexico is a shining example of this belief. In collaboration with UNHCR ACNUR, this facility participates in a groundbreaking program that helps refugees build a new life.

Integration and Housing

Many of these refugees have fled their homeland seeking safety and a better future, often due to violence or other disruptive circumstances. In our endeavor to support them, we do more than just provide employment. We recognize the challenges they face and, therefore, also offer concrete help with their integration.


One of the most fundamental needs for someone starting a new life is a safe place to live. Therefore, Rompa Group finds a good home for them and pays the first month's rent for these newcomers. We ensure that everyone has a home to start their new life in Mexico. This approach not only demonstrates our commitment to the well-being of our new colleagues but also strengthens the foundation for their future success and well-being.

Diversity and Team Enrichment

In line with the program's guidelines, we are allowed to have up to 10% of our total workforce consist of refugees. Currently, we are proud to have 12 resilient individuals from Honduras, Cuba, and El Salvador in our team in Mexico. Their courage, perseverance, and diverse backgrounds enrich our company culture and provide us with valuable new perspectives. These individuals bring not only their skills and talents but also their cultural wealth, contributing to a dynamic and inclusive work environment.


At Rompa Group, we are honored to be part of their journey to a new life and are committed to supporting them at every step. We believe that companies can play a powerful role in building a better world, and this program is one of the many ways we put that belief into practice.