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Rompa Group welcomes you to The Czech Republic: Vítejte!

Rompa Group might have its origin in The Netherlands but we have a highly specialized and one of the best manufacturing sites located in The Czech Republic. It was in 2005 that Rompa Group acquired the location in Vyskov. In 2017 Rompa Group acquired ITB Transito, now known as Rompa CZ Transito, which is located in Kladno. In this week’s article we tell you more about the acquisition of these production sites, their specialities and how we are looking forward to the future.

Rompa Group in The Czech Republic, how did it start?

In 2005 Rompa Group started their journey in The Czech Republic. They acquired GM, a company that already existed since 1948 and that was well established in the area of Vyskov. Vyskov is a village in the beautiful South Moravian Region. Soon after the merger we changed the name to Rompa CZ, which is how it is called to this date. The manufacturing site specialized in injection molding, something very familiar to Rompa. We started with 55 injection molding machines and 170 employees, from there on we have been growing rapidly. Rompa Group decided to go a step further and acquired ITB Group in 2017. They had the knowledge and capabilities when it came to assembly and we saw this as a great opportunity to expand our services we can offer our customers. Nowadays it is called Rompa Transito CZ but it was previously called ITB Group Transito. Would you like to learn more about the acquisition of ITB Group? Make sure to read about it here!

Where do we currently stand in The Czech Republic?

We currently operate from these two locations in The Czech Republic and are still very happy with the production sites, the locations and highly trained staff who continue to impress us. Our location in Vyskov is the biggest with a whopping 11.000 m² and is specialized in injection molding. Our location in Kladno consists of 3634 m² and is our specialist in assembly. But Rompa Group CZ goes further and these locations have a lot more to offer. Below we list the services and technologies offered by these manufacturing sites.


Our location Rompa Transito CZ specializes in assembly. As a manufacturing company we want to make sure that the produced goods are being distributed as soon as possible. While Rompa Group is known for producing all the individual parts we also offer the assembly of the finished goods. We offer our clients a service from A to Z, from design to delivery and by offering the assembly line we can make sure we can control the full production process. This way we make sure communication is done well, but it also gives us security about the right material use. Would you like to know what type of assembly lines you will encounter at our facility in Kladno? Make sure to contact us or read about it here. We just might have the perfect assembly solution for your product!

Injection molding

Injection molding has been Rompa Group’s speciality. We started production in The Czech Republic in 2005 to offer our clients a worldwide manufacturing and distribution option. It was in that year that Rompa Group also acquired locations in Asia and America. Our production site in Vyskov started off with 55 injection molding machines, since recent years we invested heavily in new machines and we currently count 70 injection molding machines. This includes the newest acquisition of a 11 meter long and 3,5 meter wide injection molding machine also known as the Haitian Juniper 120000 II. This gave our facility more flexibility, more capacity and a wider range of variety to offer our clients, to produce plastic components.


At our facility in Vyskov you will find our in-house tool shop. Having an in-house tool shop makes our production lives so much easier, for example with mold maintenance and making specialized tools. Most plastics producers actually purchase their mold from an external partner and Rompa Group as well buys their molds at specialized suppliers. The benefit of an in-house tool shop is that we can adjust and repair certain molds very closeby. This saves a lot of time in logistics and we can make sure the mold is exactly how we want it to be. At our tool shop in Vyskov you will find our state of the art CNC EDM machine. As mentioned before, we invested extensively in machinery at our production sites and with the CNC EDM machine we made work much more advanced in our tool shop. Read about it here for more information about his CNC EDM machine Would you like to learn more about our tool shop? Make sure you read it here!

The future of Rompa Group in The Czech Republic

While we have been extensively investing in our Czech locations since recent years we are excited to announce that we will continue to invest in new, top of the line machinery to continue to enhance our manufacturing processes. At the moment we are looking for ways to have a more sustainable future, this is our priority and we do our best to contribute in the best possible way. Rompa Group has been first in line in various manufacturing technologies, processes and ideas ever since 1881 and we are certain to continue with this ideology.

Give us a visit!

Excited to visit us in The Czech Republic? Would you like to learn more about our Czech locations? Make sure to give us a call or send us an email and we make sure we answer all your questions. We also update our news page every week with interesting topics such as the different injection molding technologies and other events from Rompa Group.