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Rompa Group goes further

Rompa is widely known for manufacturing injection molded parts. But, Rompa Group goes much further than that. We provide many additional services and we aim to give our clients a service from A to Z, from design to delivery. We can offer all the options, think about an assembly line or a warehouse solution. Make sure to read this article to learn about all the technologies and services Rompa Group offers.

Our services are beyond borders

Let's start with some services that Rompa Group offers our clients all over the world. As you might be aware, Rompa Group is located around the globe. There is always a production site nearby. Our global footprint makes it possible to always produce and deliver near our clients to reduce transportation and improve communication. Check here if there is a production site near you! Below we give you the technologies Rompa Group offers.

Assembly: the supplier also assembles

We want you to get your product on the shelves or to the distribution centers as soon as possible. As we might have produced the components for a certain product, we can also take care of assembly. Besides the assembly, we are also able to take on the entire supply chain. Think about the purchase and assembly of different metal or electronic parts, but also consumer packaging of the final and finished product. Talking about electronic components: Rompa Group owns an ESD and an SMT line to make assembly for electronic goods possible with great care. Rompa Group is optimising our automated assembly lines. We develop our own tailor-made machines for automated assembly, for instance. All our sites have an assembly line!

Injection molding

Injection molding is what Rompa Group has been famous for for many years. It might be one of our specialties but in the end it is all about the combination of services and technologies. This makes it possible to deliver our clients the best possible service. Rompa Group has many different materials for injection molding at their disposal. Whether it's thermoplastics like PET, ABS, polyethene, PC, polystyrene and polypropene, or engineering plastics like Ultem, PSU, PPU and PEI. Besides the materials we also use different types of injection molding technologies: Thin-walled injection molding The demand for producing smaller and lighter parts or cases is increasing every year. Thin-walled injection molding is mostly seen in electronics where some parts have a wall thickness less than 1 mm. In the automotive industry we talk about a 2 mm wall thickness for their parts. Producing thin-walled items makes it necessary to implement process changes, such as a higher pressures and speed, but also faster cooling times. There are many considerations to take into account when producing a thin-walled item. High-precision injection moulding A highly technical process that requires the usage of precision molds and machines. Rompa Group uses this technology to produce complex geometric parts that are being used for high precision industrial applications. 2K injection molding ‘Two shot’ injection molding, also known as 2k injection molding, is a manufacturing technique of combining two different polymers or two different colors into one plastic part. The 2k injection molding machine gives Rompa Group the possibility to produce one part made of two different colors or materials. For example, a combination of soft and hard material like your toothbrush which is made with a soft grip. Would you like to go into more detail about 2k injection molding? Read more about it here! Overmolding Rompa Group has the ability to produce parts with an additional technology called overmolding. During this molding process we use several molds instead of just one to create a finished product. This gives the possibility to combine different materials and shapes. Would you like to learn more about overmolding? Make sure to read the details about this technology here. In-mold labelling For in-mold labelling we use our injection molding technique. Instead of having to glue a label to a product, the label becomes integrated with the product. The IML technology was originally designed for blow molding, but with the use of injection molding this process became a whole lot more efficient. Make sure to read all about in-mold labelling and the possibilities here!

Metal injection molding (MIM)

Besides plastics, Rompa Group is also an expert in different metal granules. Because the standard injection molding technique is well established it was relatively easy to add a different material to this process. This innovative technology is established by merging the techniques of plastic injection molding and powdered metallurgy. Would you like to know more about MIM? Learn this here!


A technology we at Rompa Group have over 55 years of experience with. In this process we heat a thermoplastic sheet to its softenings point. The sheet is then stretched across a single side mold. After this it cools down in the desired shape. We see thermoforming in many different industries and is a great technology for many packaging solutions.


Electronic Manufacturing Services, meaning a complete service for electronics. This starts with the design, manufacturing the parts and assembling the parts into the finished goods. Then starts the testing and delivery process. EMS is a complete service for the production of electronics, from design to delivery.


Rompa Group offers an in-house production process for metal parts. This fully automated process involves a lot of pressure! Stamping is a very accurate and fast production process, you can read all the details about stamping here!

Decoration and finishing

Customization makes the product, it is a great branding tool for your business. Make your product stand out! We use the following techniques to decorate or finish a certain product:
  • hot foil transfer printing
  • tampon printing
  • pad printing (multiple color machine)
  • in-mould decoration techniques

Warehouse solutions with Rompa Group

We arrived at the final step of the manufacturing process! And even at this stage you can still count on Rompa Group. It’s delivery time and you can choose to make use of a warehouse or logistic solution offered by Rompa Group. We use systems such as VMI for international and national deliveries. Would you like to implement this solution for your product? Read more about it here!