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| 16-07-2022
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In May 2019 we acquired ITB Group. Since that moment we have a production location in Mexico called Dooremalen Industries Mexico. This plant is currently focused on the automotive industry. We adhere to the requirements of the certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. Our plant manager from Mexico, Pieter de Korver has made a video to show you the production hall in Mexico. Are you interested in production in Mexico? Rompa Group has the knowledge and expertise to collaborate with you and develop products that you can bring to market. We will assist you throughout the entire development process from initial design to a final product. If you want to know more about how we can translate your idea and which production location fits best? Contact us! [email protected]  


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Distributing station for fibreglass cables

”The wide variety of components that have to be produced, combined with the procurement of a large quantity of parts and a multi-stage assembly process creates a complex challenge.”

Automotive parts

The dedication and commitment of Rompa’s professional, international project team and their excellent lines of communication with the project leaders at Bosch contribute to ensuring a speedy and efficient process ...

Keeping children safe on the road

“The collaboration with Britax Römer has greatly intensified in a short period of time, partly due to the custom solutions that Rompa Group offers.”

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