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Stand with order button for razor

“Rompa was tasked with the development and production of a finished product with connectivity in an extremely short timeframe and under significant pressure. Speed, flexibility and electronics are vital.”

Customer P&G (Nexolink)
Product Stand for a razor that enables for ordering new blades at the touch of a button
Techniques & Services Industrial design, injection moulding, 2K injection moulding, engineering, assembly in an ESD room, decoration, delivery, sequential numbering (hexa-decimal).
Process Because of Rompa’s knowledge and extensive experience with stands and chargers and many years of collaboration, P&G decided in 2015 to team up with Nexolink to develop the stand with order button. The conceptual design of the stand’s exterior was already done, but the Rompa team enhanced it. Together we created the design for the interior together. Rompa was involved in this process as a full-service partner from the initial idea until the final delivery. We were also responsible for purchasing (metal) components and for PCBA design, production, assembly and testing in our ESD room. The result is a functional plastic product with electronic features that greatly simplifies the ordering of new razor blades.
Material ABS, TPE, electronics and sourced components (batteries, screws and more)
QA method 100% functional testing, 100% quality control, functional and visual requirements. Waterproof in accordance with the IPX4 standard
Production run Tens of thousands of units
Production site Rompa China
Delivery Europe

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