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Rompa Group welcomes you to The Netherlands

As you know, Rompa Group has its origin in The Netherlands. This is where it all started many years ago. We currently have three locations in the Netherlands; our headquarters, a production site and a design office all within close vicinity to each other. In this article we tell you more about our history in The Netherlands, where we currently stand, what we offer and how we see our future in this country. Read more about it now.

Rompa Group in The Netherlands, how did it start?

It all started in a small village in the south of The Netherlands called Terheijden. This is where the Rompa family started their tannery company in the year 1881. Business was going well and the production of bags, pouches, protective travel cases and similar products took off. Some of Rompa’s clients were the Dutch government postal service and army, we used to make leather bags and straps for them. Rompa became famous thanks to their football productions, an innovative technology was used to develop a football with a smooth surface like we are still using nowadays. Later, around the year 1939, Rompa started to also produce leather cases for the Philishave, a well known product from Philips. Around the 1940's and 50´s Rompa started to experiment with plastic manufacturing and took steps to convert from tannery to producing plastic. Technologies such as vacuum formed plastic and injection moulding were implemented. This was the start of a new era for Rompa, with a lot of innovation in the years to come. It was in these years that Rompa made their name to become one of the most well known producers for plastics applications. This gave the company the opportunity to invest more in innovation and knowledge. It was in recent years, as per 2005, that Rompa Group started to expand internationally by obtaining locations in countries such as The Czech Republic, China and Mexico.

Where do we currently stand in The Netherlands?

At the moment we have 3 locations in The Netherlands. You will find our head office and production site in Boxtel and our design office in Keldonk. Our production site in Boxtel offers manufacturing processes such as injection moulding, stamping, MIM and we have a cleanroom. Below we explain to you a bit more about these technologies.


Injection moulding As you have read before, this has been our core business for many years. We became specialists in many different injection moulding techniques. We provide thin-walled injection moulding, high-precision injection moulding, 2k injection moulding, overmoulding and in-mould labelling. Stamping Our main stamping tool is located at our production site in Boxtel. The follow-cut-bend stamps are being produced at this location. This is a fully automated process and as the name suggests, this machine bends and cuts the desired shape out of the chosen coils. Did you know that we can process up to 250 stamping cycles per minute, depending on the stamp design?! This is made possible thanks to 80 tonnes of pressure. Make sure to read more about our stamping process here! MIM Metal Injection Moulding, also known as MIM is also a technology that has been developed at our Dutch location in Boxtel. Metal Injection Moulding combines two well established technologies into one. We have the traditional plastic injection moulding in combination with powdered metallurgy. The biggest benefit of MIM is that it gives the possibility to produce complex designs at a high volume. It is a cost effective and efficient manufacturing process when it comes to producing complex parts at a high volume. So, besides the usual plastic productions you are used to from Rompa Group, you can also contact us for the production of complex metal parts. Learn more about MIM here! Cleanroom Last but not least; our cleanroom, located in Boxtel! We see an increase in demand for manufacturing in a cleanroom installation. To offer our clients the possibility to produce in a cleanroom is beneficial to industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, life sciences, microelectronics and food packaging. Especially since the Covid-19 situation we notice an increase in hygienic demand. Would you like to learn more about our cleanroom located in Boxtel? Make sure to read all the details here!

Rompa Design

Production always starts with an idea, and at our design agency in Keldonk we develop this idea into a proper design, ready for manufacturing. As per our recent rebranding our design bureau is now called Rompa Design. Great ideas and designs come to life here and we are looking forward to many innovative designs we will see from them in the future. It’s thanks to Rompa Design that we can offer our clients the full package, from A to Z, from idea to delivery!

The future of Rompa Group in The Netherlands

We at Rompa Group think that sustainability needs to be prioritised and we do our very best to contribute in the best possible way. Especially in The Netherlands where recycling is high on the agenda and where consumers demand sustainable design and product development. We will continue to innovate in this field as you have been used to by Rompa Group since 1881. We look ahead to the future in The Netherlands and what it has to offer.

Give us a visit!

Excited to visit us in The Netherlands? Would you like to learn more about our Dutch locations? Make sure to give us a call or pop us an email and we make sure we answer all your questions. We also update our news page every week with interesting topics such as the different injection moulding technologies and other events from Rompa Group.