Corporate Social Responsibility

As an international leading manufacturer of plastic parts and packaging materials we take our commitments on CSR very seriously. CSR is for us the way to integrate our social, environmental and economic concerns in our business operations and interactions with our stakeholders. It is Rompa Group’s belief that for any organization to be sustainable, it must be financially secure, minimize (or ideally eliminate) its negative environmental impacts and act in conformity with societal expectations. So, what does that mean? For Rompa Group it means that we respect: We support
  • International human rights
  • Non-discrimination and equal opportunities
  • Contribution to society
We disapprove
  • Child and forced labor
We invest in
  • our employees
  • in a safe and healthy working environment
  • in a good company culture
We take concrete actions and measures
  • Implement Rompa Group’s environmental policy
We endorse
  • Product quality and safety
  • Certificates
And that is why people want to work for Rompa Group (“Nice to work for…”)