New machine: Rompa expands in production strength corona test


| 16-07-2022
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Rompa Group has expanded its production location for corona testing in the Netherlands. With the arrival of the new 200-ton plastic injection moulding machine, Rompa has now four working machines. The machine will start with the production in mid-November 2020.


Rompa is working on a project which they make an enormous contribution in the fight against corona. Three machines are currently producing corona tests; the purchase of the fourth machine expands Rompa’s capacity.

Smart production

The new machine of Rompa ensures smarter production: a streamlined process due to the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of the machine. All products are produced in a cleanroom. The machine has several innovations:
  • The mould of the machine has compliant cooling channels that are designed through a 3D printer.
  • Each cooling channel is individually checked, through flow meters, for the correct flow.
  • The robot stacks the products and is then deposited on the conveyer belt.

The new machine is a massive asset for increasing the production rate of the corona test.

Together with Rompa fighting against corona

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