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ITB Group becomes Rompa Group: We give up the good, to go for the great.

Two years have passed since the Rompa Group acquired the ITB Group. The time has come to take the next integration steps towards one Group unifying the best of two worlds. In order to build on the global brand recognition and pursuit one unified strategy, both groups will continue as one under the Rompa name. In this article, we share the new names of our entities that shape our global footprint.

The merger

With the acquisition of the ITB-Group, the Rompa Group aimed to consolidate the best of two worlds. The international reputation the ITB Group built, is based on the endeavors of their founders as a manufacturer of plastic- & metal-components and assemblies. Their achievements will guide the Rompa Group towards a bright future wherein we can unleash our full potential.

How will we be recognized from now on?

We pride ourselves on our ability to industrialize and manufacture your products globally but foremost in close proximity of your facilities. To be recognized as one, we have decided to make use of our distinctive corporate design as well as the names of our entities, moving forward. ITB Boxtel → Rompa NL Boxtel is where our head office is located, this plant will continue under the name: Rompa NL. The site has a size of 6345 m2, where various technologies are available and where you can also find our own high-end toolshop. ITB Transito → Rompa CZ Transito Located in Kladno, the Czech Republic with a size of 3634 m2. Our specialists at this site are known for their assembly expertise in Europe. ITB Dooremalen Industries Mexico → Rompa MX In Queretaro, Mexico, you will find our facility that will be called Rompa MX from now on. This is our plant which is specialized in the injection moulding of complex, high quality parts that are for example being used in the automotive industry. Verhoeven Ontwerpburo → Rompa Design In Keldonk, a little village in south of The Netherlands, you will find our own design agency. Great ideas and designs come to life here and we are looking forward to many innovative designs we will see from them in the future. Rompa Shunxing → Rompa CN To have a consistent brand name within the Rompa Group, we also have a name change for the production site in China. As of now, our location in Jiangmen will continue under the name Rompa CN. The Rompa facilities in Germany, Czech Republic and Hong Kong will continue their activities under their original names.

ITB Group becomes Rompa Group

As mentioned, the ITB facilities will continue their activities under the Rompa brand. A valid question would be; what does this mean for the different processes we have in place? The answer is short: nothing, as for now the legal entity names remain unchanged.

News from Rompa Group

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