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What is a manufacturing support system?

We are always looking for ways to improve our client experience. So we ask ourselves, how can we do better? We recently dedicated an article to our technical support, but besides technical support we also know the importance of good cooperation between manufacturers and third parties. For us, support means that we give you the best advice possible and we also wish to receive this type of support ourselves. We consult with our experts and look at a certain problem together to find the best solution. In this week's article we talk more about the subject of the manufacturing support system.

Support system

We wish to operate our production facilities efficiently, organized, planned and with control so we can be satisfied with the product quality and the requirements. One of the factors that makes this possible is our manufacturing support system. This system is also referred to as manufacturing support in logistics or inbound to manufacturing. It basically means the cooperation of us as a manufacturer with a third party who specializes and has a lot of experience in manufacturing specific parts of a certain manufacturing process. Together we learn and improve our processes for the benefit of our clients, so we can deliver the best results. Some examples
  • Thanks to in-plant line side replenishment we can have the required parts or materials delivered to our locations, or we deliver the parts we manufacture to a third party that finishes them. This saves a lot of costs in storing a product and gives us space and possibilities to use this space wisely.
  • The sub-assembly and parts configuration have the same benefit as above, but this time we assemble third party parts into a component.
  • The finished product is not completely done yet and it's missing some additional accessories, it needs to be packed as well. This is what we call a post-production service and also requires support and good cooperation between all parties.
  • Purchase order management and sourcing can apply to many departments and many different materials. Thanks to our quality partners we make sure that we always use the best materials on the market.

The approach of Rompa Group

Thanks to the manufacturing support system we can give our clients tomorrow’s technologies and processes. This means that we can offer a quick and sustainable approach that our clients will benefit from. Together we can review our processes, identify opportunities and introduce new technologies. Let us summarise the benefits for Rompa Group and any partner.
  • We improve our efficiency and productivity. Together we improve quality, costs, delivery times and expectations.
  • The newest technologies. Everybody has their expertise and we can use this knowledge to implement new technologies.
  • Experience and knowledge expansion.
We offer our clients the design, development and production of plastic components and finished goods. But our service is a lot wider as we also take care of decoration, manufacturing electronic components, assembly and at the final stage even logistics. Our approach is to run this complete process as smoothly as possible, this can be done with everybody's help and input. We listen carefully to ideas and keep a critical eye on the efficiency and costs of the process. Rompa Group also knows that this all is not possible without well-educated employees and we invest in our personnel to stay on top of the game.

Technical support for our clients

Our technical support consists of new product development, equipment design and material recommendations. But also during the process and in sustainability, we offer our clients technical support. Would you like to learn more about our technical support? Make sure to read it here!

Support from A to Z

When you decide to start your production process with Rompa Group, you are choosing support along the whole process. Your project manager will be your single point of contact that will guide you throughout the manufacturing process. He or she will be in contact with the third parties for the best technologies and materials on the market and will make sure our clients receive the best advice possible. As you are aware, Rompa Group offers their services from A to Z, from idea to delivery. Many questions will arise and we are eager to answer them all. Together we overcome challenges and manufacture the best products and parts!

Our expertise

The finished product is what we work towards. We take this into consideration during all steps. Whether this is an electrical component, toothbrush or a smart case. We start at the very beginning, the idea, and work towards a finished product. But besides making products, we also offer assembly solutions and other services we became experts in. Below we list all our technologies and expertise.
  • Injection moulding
  • Metal Injection Molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Stamping
  • Assembly
  • Decoration / finishing
  • Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)
  • Packaging
Make sure to check all our services here in more detail here, you can definitely contact us if you are interested in our support regarding our expertises.

Get in contact with us easily

Not only do we receive and provide support between manufacturers and third party’s. We also offer full support for our clients all around the globe. Is there a Rompa Group location near you? Make sure to check it out and don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email with all your questions and/or concerns. Would you like to stay updated with the most recent news and updates from Rompa Group? Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn. Are you connected with Rompa Group?