Injection moulding technology

Injection moulding is our speciality. Whatever the purpose may be, we will meet all requirements for your product. 

Injection moulding technology

Thermoplastics and engineering plastics as well as metal

We can work with almost any type of plastic. Including thermoplastics such as PA,  ABS, PE, PC, PS and PP. And engineering plastics such as PSU, PPS and PEI. Metal is no stranger to us either. That is why leading players in consumer electronics, automotive, industrial applications and medical products keep coming back for more injection moulding of their unique (plastic) products.

Various injection moulding techniques

We use in-mould labelling to achieve a wear-resistant print. If a product consists of multiple plastics or colours, we use multi-k injection moulding. To integrate electronics such as chips or conductors, we use the overmoulding technique. And 100% metal products are made in two steps using metal injection moulding (MIM). Medical products are made in our clean room.

In short, Rompa possesses an extensive machinery fleet. And finally, our global operation allows us to procure raw materials at a discount and produce local-for-local.