As an experienced plastics injection moulder and contract manufacturer, we offer added value at every stage of the process. 

Rompa supports product development

You can rely on our expertise even for product development. We will not take over entirely, after all, you know best what the product is supposed to be. But we can contribute to your thought process from the very beginning and share our experience with you. Anything to realise the best version of your new product.

Product engineering

Your wish list is the foundation of product design. You have already determined the shape and look and feel. If applicable, we then design the mechanical and electronic part based on the specifications. To ensure that these designs are just right, we will first build a prototype.

Tool engineering

A high-quality mould is essential to any efficient injection moulding process. Rompa possesses its own tool shop, unique in the market. This gives us complete control of this stage in the production process. Developing the mould is all about efficiency (single or composite) and achieving stable quality in the shortest possible cycle duration.

Process engineering

The most important question for a process engineer is how to assure quality in mass production. It is easy to build one good product. But when it comes to producing millions of copies, a lot more complexity is involved. Are you planning high-volume production? Rompa Group has got you covered.