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What Makes Rompa China the Ideal Global Partner?

Rompa China offers top-tier box build manufacturing and engineering services, making us a preferred choice for various industries. We are a midsize real vertical integrated company which does prefer to work direct with multinationals and or brand owners for series between 5000 and 500.000 pieces per year.

Why Rompa China?

Choosing Rompa China means partnering with a leader in box build manufacturing and engineering, dedicated to delivering quality, innovative, and comprehensive solutions. Our commitment to quality and precision is reflected in our advanced machinery and dedicated quality assurance team.

We are at the forefront of innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions of all sorts. With our experienced workforce and strategic locations, we ensure efficient, cost-effective manufacturing and timely delivery. 🎯

Our highly motivated team of around 210 dedicated employees is located in the south of China in a state-of-the-art 12,000 square meter facility. Which is easy accessible from Hong Kong airport.

What Does the Rompa China Offer?

We have in-house;
・ Industrial Design,
・ Full equipped international engineering team,
・ Injection moulding machines in a range from 40T to 650T,
・ Low-pressure injection moulding,
・ Tool maintenance,
・ Thermoforming and pressure forming lines,
・ Automation solutions,
・ Clean room production,
・ Electronics Manufacturing Services EMS (SMT and DIP lines),
・ Multiple assembly lines manual and automated
・ All modern and traditional decorating and welding techniques.

Besides that, we can arrange full logistic support and make sure your customers can receive the goods in time at their dock or doorstep.

Our quality insurance team will be involved from the very first moment to make 100% sure we design and build the right quality procedures and equipment to test and verify the (finished) goods. We work according to a proven quality concept that fits your needs.
Rompa China does have a great experience in so-called Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) which means that we can take over the engineering services from our customers so you can focus on your core activities. During the ESI program, our lead engineer will translate your ideas and concepts into working samples, which can be tested in the field or used as a sales and marketing tool.

We are proudly certified with:

・ ISO 9001,
・ ISO 13485,
・ ISO 14001,
・ IATF 16949,
・ ISO 14064-1:2018,
・ 45001:2018
・ GRS Standard

These certifications are to ensure that our processes and products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental management.

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Jesse Plasman, COO and Director of Rompa China, concludes:

"Many companies strive to enable ordinary people doing extraordinary things, in Jiangmen, China we are truly doing this. We are not only a totally vertical integrated outstanding boxbuild manufacturing company with all disciples in house, from Design, Injection moulding, Thermoforming, SMT, (final) Assembly and Testing. We are also able to get your products in time into the market for the right price with our ESI (Early Supplier Involvement) team. While doing this it is our purpose to bring sustainability and sustainable business together.''

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